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The Full Story

DJ Tell It

As a DJ, I believe that music is an art form that unites us all. My mission is to create unforgettable experiences by using music to connect people of all backgrounds. Starting from humble beginnings, I worked my way up to become an in-house DJ for three open-air shows in Richmond, Virginia back in 2020. My passion for music has led me to release 6 albums so far. I bring a range of musical genres to my sets and strive to create a seamless, energetic vibe every time. When you work with me, we'll create a personalized experience that you and your guests will never forget.

Why am I called "The Professional Vibe Setter"?

I’ve been in the industry for years and have never lost my passion for DJing. For me, it’s more than just spinning records; it’s about creating an experience that people will remember for years to come. I tailor my performance to suit any crowd and have a vast knowledge of music that spans across genres and generations. Rest assured, when you hire me to DJ your event, you’re getting a true professional who knows how to create the perfect vibe.

The Company

Tell It Then Entertainment is a premier DJ service that prides itself on providing quality entertainment for all kinds of occasions. Our owner and lead DJ, DJ Tell It, takes his craft seriously and works closely with clients to provide a customized experience that exceeds expectations. We have a vast music selection that spans across multiple genres and we are always up-to-date with the latest hits. Let us help you make your event lively and memorable!

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