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Image by Erik Mclean

Artist Portal

Welcome to the Artist Portal! Here is a place where you can connect with DJ Tell It and other people in the industry. If there is music that you would like us to listen to, click the button and send an email with your stage name and music files. Looking forward to working together!

Brand Ambassador

Popl - Digital Marketing

Get rid of your hundreds of printed business cards and ease the stress of trying to find other ones from past encounters with a Popl digital business card. A simple tap or scan of the QR code and there you have it, all of your information exchanged in less than 5 seconds. Check out the Popl Store today for all kinds of other marketing tools such as bracelets, phone cases, stickers and so much more! Use my code, TELLIT20, at checkout and receive 20% off your entire order.

Music Industry Associates

These men and women have connected with us at Tell It Then Entertainment. If you are in need of management, radio plays, or anything else related to music & marketing, feel free to reach out to any one of our associates below.

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